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Chinese Language Teachers



Ms Lim Yen Pin(LH /CL)
Mdm Lim Yan Yan(HOD/ICT)
Mrs Ong Lee Lian  (LH/CCE)
Mdm Chen Jianfang(ST/CL)
Mr Luo Tian Feng(ST/CL)
Mrs Janet TeyMember
Mdm Lee Hwei LingMember
Mrs Lua- Chin Yun TengMember
Mrs Pearlyn KohMember
Mr Goh Eng BengMember
Mdm Goh Cai YunMember
Mdm Hu Fei FeiMember
Mr Boo Han TingMember
Ms Bu YanziMember

School Programs

  • MTL Fortnight Programme (母语双周)
  • Level Language Activities  (各级语文活动)
  • Cultural Performance Exposure Scheme (CPES) (文化随意门)
  • Reading Programme (阅读计划)
  • Holistic Assessment and Portfolio Assessment (全面性评估)
  • Cultural Programme (文化活动)
  • P2 Speech and Drama Enrichment (小二语文演艺班 )

Programmes by Level

Primary 1

  • Situational Conversation (情境对话)
  • Reading Programme (我爱阅读)

Primary 2

  • Online Stories (网上故事)
  • Situational Conversation(情境对话)
  • Reading Programme (我爱阅读)

Primary 3

  • Creative Writing Package (创意写作配套)
  • Reading Programme (我爱阅读)

Primary 4

  • Creative Writing Package(创意写作配套)
  • Reading Programme (我爱阅读)

Primary 5

  • P5 HCL Project Work Presentation (小五高级华文专题作业报告)
  • Newspaper Cutting – Core Values (剪报活动-核心价值观)
  • eCompo Learning Package (网上作文)
  • Reading Programme (我爱阅读)

Primary 6

  • Newspaper Cutting – Core Values (剪报活动-核心价值观)
  • Creative Learning Package ( 创意写作配套)
  • Reading Programme(我爱阅读)

Workshop for Parents


  • Hanyu Pinyin & Character Recognition Workshop (Primary 1)


  • Reading & Writing Workshop (Primary 2)


  • Creative Writing Workshop (Primary 3 & 4)

  • Oral and Comprehension Workshop (Primary 5 )


Learning Journeys

  • P6 NE Chingay Parade Show


  • CPES Learning Journey (Selected levels)


Chinese New Year


Cultural Exchange Day


Mid -Autumn festival