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Our English Department Staff



Mr Daniel Chew Head of Department
Mdm Siti Halizah Year Head / Lower Primary / Seed Coordinator
Mrs Murugamoorthy Senior Teacher
Mrs Irene Teh Senior Teacher
Mrs Diana Lim Senior Teacher / Learning Support Coordinator
Miss Clara Lee STELLAR Coordinator / STELLAR Mentor
Ms Diana Koh MRL Coordinator
Miss Nuruljannah P2 Teacher
Miss Nuzul Furhana Binte Amran P2 Teacher
Mdm Rohani Bte Abdul Kader P3 Reading Remediation Programme Instructor
Miss Nurdirayah Binte Mohamed Idris P3 School-based Dyslexia Remediation Instructor
Mrs Irmawati Kok P3 Teacher
Mr Lim Beng Gee P3 Teacher
Mrs Srinivasan P4 Reading Remediation Programme Instructor
MICS Coordinator
Mr Ivan Tan P4 Teacher
Mrs Rachel Hue P4 Teacher
Mdm Norliza P5 Teacher
Ms Chirstianna Huang P5 Teacher
Miss Sim Li Ting P5 Teacher
Mrs Janet Doo P6 Teacher
Ms Nur'Ain Farah Koenitz Binte Iskandar Member
Ms Isadora Zhong Peishan Member
Mr Jay SngHOD PE / CCA
Mdm Hanifah Senior Teacher -  PE
Mdm Noornita Member
Mr Tay Wei Jun Member
Ms Wong Xing Jie Level Head - Aesthetics
Mrs Carol Kee AED
Mdm Priscilla Lim AED
Mrs Doreen Wong AED
Miss Christina Chu Jia Ying AED

Programmes incorporated in curriculum (for Students)

1)  STrategies for English Language Learning And Reading (STELLAR)

STELLAR aims to strengthen children’s language and reading skills as well as promote a positive attitude towards English learning. The programme uses research-based teaching strategies and developmentally appropriate materials to engage children in the learning of English.


2 )   M astery  I C ommunication  S kills ( MICS ) Programme

MICS is a school-based programme that aims to complement the teaching of oral communication skills in the classroom. It takes a structured approach towards developing these skills from P1 to P5, with customised feedback for each student at the end of the programme. 

Stage Presentation (Parents) - P1
Stage Presentation (Peers) - P2
Group Presentation Skills - P3   
Persuasive Skills - P4
Debating Skills - P5


3)   Write Well + ( WW + ) Programme

The School-based WW + complements STELLAR teaching of writing through

  • explicit teaching of developmentally appropriate narrative and non-narrative writing skills (P1 to P6)
  • infusion of ICT such as digital puppetry or mind-mapping/concept mapping
  • integrating descriptive words, phrases and sentences used for writing into Spelling lists
  • targeted evaluation of student's mastery of specified writing skills through Writing Revision Test and the use of rubrics


4)   Literature-In-Curriculum ( P3 to P5 )

Literature-in-Curriculum strives to stretch our proficient readers' language ability through discussion of literary devices, themes and writing techniques used in quality and authentic children literature.


5)   Reading Lab Programme (P1 to P4)

The Reading Lab programme leverages on affordances in ICT to develop comprehension, vocabulary, word analysis and study skills through online literacy profiling and progress monitoring.  

It aims to interest students in reading and enlarge their specific knowledge using a wide array of quality factual and fictional selections that are tagged to their actual reading level based on the results from their online literacy profiling.   

In the process, students would develop the habit of independent work and sense of personal responsibility as they take charge of their own learning and become self-directed learners.

Workshop For Parents

1.   Raise-A-Reader Workshop for P1 Parents

  • In collaboration with the National Library Board


      • CVPS Reading Programme
      • Reading Badge Scheme

Students who manage to satisfy the reading requirements by Children’s Day will receive the following reading badges.

Primary 1 and 2 Reading Requirement

Bronze Badge

Silver BadgeGold Badge

First 20 Books

Next 20 BooksNext 20 Books

1st Book Review

2nd Book Review3rd Book Review

Mostly Picture Books


Primary 3 and 4 Reading Requirement

Bronze Badge

Silver BadgeGold Badge

First 10 Books

Next 10 BooksNext 10 Books

1st Book Review

2nd Book Review3rd Book Review

Mostly Easy-Fiction


Primary 5 and 6 Reading Requirement

Bronze Badge

Silver BadgeGold Badge

First 5 Books

Next 5 BooksNext 5 Books

1st Book Review

2nd Book Review3rd Book Review

Mostly Hard-Fiction or Non-Fiction

Teachers will guide students in selecting books that are suitable for their reading ability, and completing the book reviews.