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Brass Band

Formed in 2003, the Compassvale Primary School Brass Band has made significant progress. Through the years, they have had performed at many occasions as well as competitions under the dedicated guidance of a group of teachers and instructors.

New recruits of the band may choose from the following musical instruments such as Trumpet / Cornet / Horn (high brass), Trombone / Baritone / Euphonium / Tuba (low brass) and   Percussion (drums / bells). 

Each student must be committed and ready to undertake the task of learning an instrument. 

The senior members are also empowered to guide and lead the junior members during sectional trainings.

By the second year, the band members should be able to read music scores, have gained improved motor skills and had achieved a sense of belonging when playing music as a whole band. Students are also given a boost of self-confidence and increased social interaction.

As the band members progress through the years, band members learn the value of discipline and determination. 

Band members get the chance to develop a greater sense of emotional awareness through playing music, particularly during collaboration amongst students. We believe that music is invaluable in developing successful students. Music shapes the way our students understand themselves and the world around them. It nurtures assets and skills that are critical to future success.

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