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English Language, Drama Debating

The ELDDS Club aims to develop confidence and creative thinking in our members. The activities not only promote oral communication and dramatisation skills, but are also fun and engaging for students. Members hone different skills throughout the year, namely public speaking, drama and debate.  Opportunities are also given for our members to perform during various school events such as International Friendship Day and National Day.

Public Speaking

Students develop public speaking skills which include voice mastery, gestures and facial expressions. They are also taught how to prepare a speech and convey their ideas to the audience. At the end of the course, they are given an opportunity to showcase the skills that they have learnt by speaking in front of their peers with their prepared speech.


Students are taught a range of physical and vocal skills that are essential for performing on stage. These include facial expression, body language, spatial awareness, coordination, diction, intonation and voice projection. They participate in enjoyable activities that promote their drama skills such as freeze frame and tableaux.


The debate course not only teaches students to be good speakers but also good listeners. They are taught how to prepare a good speech based on the given topic, actively listen to the opposition and come up with a response on the spot. They develop critical thinking skills as they are required to think clearly and logically in order to craft their responses in a structured way.  Students  compete in debate competitions when they are ready to represent the school.

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