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Principal's Message

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Dear Visitor,

Welcome to the Compassvale Primary School website.

If you are a prospective P1 parent, we thank you for the opportunity to present our school to you online. As you browse through our website, we hope you would be able to get an idea of what the CVPS experience is. We would also like to suggest that you browse through our FaceBook Page for more information though posts that feature our staff and students.

We usually hold an Open House on a Saturday in July for members of the public to visit the school and I would like to invite you to our next one. Should you visit us then, you would be able to walk through our lush gardens, explore our facilities and look at our exhibits to see how we bring lessons to life for young children. Your pre-school child would have an opportunity to participate in one of our demonstration lessons while you watch from the back of the classroom or you could chat with one of our teachers or PSG members while a robot serves you a refreshment. After completing our trail card at the end of the visit, you can claim a goodie bag of school souvenirs as a memento of the experience. 

In Compassvale Primary, we believe in understanding the immediate needs of the child, appreciating the needs for the future and then meeting those needs through our professional knowledge about learning. For example, our lush gardens are part of our desire to bring nature to our children so that they can experience the lessons that real life brings. The completion of the trail card during the Open House is a form of gamification - a way to motivate the completion of a task. Our insistence on encouraging our students to mix with others from different backgrounds stems from our anticipation that as they grow as digital natives, it can also lead to thinking in digital silos. As educators, we wish to do our part to encourage our young to appreciate the diversity of perspectives for a harmonious society.

There are many good primary schools in the Sengkang/ Punggol area and each has its own signature. The schools in the network complement one another to serve the Sengkang/ Punggol communities by providing choices for parents so that they can find the best fit for their children. We hope you will find one that will provide an experience that is best suited to your child’s inclinations. Should we have the privilege of being that match, we look forward to meeting you at our P1 Orientation.

If you are the parent of an enrolled student, thank you for your continued support and partnership. We look forward to your continued collaboration in the development of our young ones. We aim to develop Compassvalites into Thinkers, Leaders and Champions. It is a vision that can be achieved only with the combined effort of school and home. 

For a start, we hope you can help us by ensuring that your child has a permanent place to study at home that is away from distractions. Help us develop the habit for your child so that he/she gets used to sitting there for a short period of time daily either to do homework or to read on days that work has not been assigned. This could also be where the daily packing of the school bag can take place so that only the necessary materials are brought to school.

In line with developing good habits, we would also like to seek your support to ensure that your child goes to bed at a regular time daily and gets enough sleep. Research has shown that children who do not get adequate rest will find it difficult to focus in class as their short-term memory can be affected and this impacts the learning process.

Finally, we would also like your child to have breakfast before their lessons, this could take place at home before coming to school or in our canteen if you have a habit of dropping him/her off early. Hunger can be distracting for young children and prevents them from fully engaging in activities.

If you are interested to join our Parent Support Group (PSG), do get in touch with the committee through this online form - https://goo.gl/5qRn06. We look forward to your contributions to make the primary school experience a better one for our Compassvalites.


Jeffrey Aw