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School Advisory Committee

Name Designation
Mr Jamie Chen Yin Kiat  Chairman
Mr Daniel Tham Weng Yong
Ms Gina Kuan Yen Ling Treasurer
Mr Jeffrey Aw
Ms Ratnasingam Selvarani
Mr Daniel Chew Chee San



The purpose of the Advisory Committees for Government Schools is to provide an opportunity for citizens and permanent residents to participate actively in the Government’s education policy of building a dynamic, strong and self-reliant generation. In the process, it aims to develop scholastic talents and healthy pursuits in schools as well as a strong sense of belonging to the nation.



The functions of the School Advisory Committee are :

(a) to promote closer relationship in various ways, between members of the local community and the principals, teachers and students in Government schools;

(b) to provide opportunities for the local community to take an interest in student welfare and encourage students’ co-curricular activities aimed at character development and their overall growth in line with the Desired Outcomes of Education; and

(c) to raise funds for carrying out such activities.