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School Emblem

School Emblem without background (2019).png

The emblem reflects the school's commitment to the total development of the child through quality education centered on values and compassion, instilling the desire for lifelong learning and guiding students as they strive towards a successful future for themselves and Singapore.

The school colours are blue and white. The colour blue signifies both a healthy lifestyle as well as the sea of knowledge. It also provides a link to Sengkang's historical ties to the sea as a harbour. The colour white symbolises purity of values, thought and actions. The interplay of colours represent the deliberate balance to achieve virtuous use of knowledge.

The three concentric rings, that give the emblem its shape, symbolize the holistic growth of the individual at the centre, with an encompassing family followed by society. The geometry of the emblem forms the image of a compass, a tool for navigation, signifying the school's mission to guide students as they journey through life by being grounded on values. The needle of the compass has a gold tip which symbolises wisdom, excellence and success. It points to the North-East, the region of Singapore in which the school is located.