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School Rules & Regulations


Compassvalites respect Singapore.

Students who are Singapore Citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the pledge. They will take the pledge with the right fist placed over their heart.

Compassvalites respect others’ time.


 Students are present at the parade ground for morning assembly before 7.40 a.m.

Compassvalites respect the occasion. 

Attire (School Uniform  &  PE Attire):

All students are to wear the prescribed school uniform. Any form of modification to the uniform is not allowed. Please refer to the photographs at the end of this section to see how uniforms are to be worn.

Attire (School Tie): 

Except on days when they have PE lessons, students are to wear the school tie every day for the duration of the morning flag raising ceremony and during assembly.The ties may be removed in class.

Attire (Shoes and Socks): 

White canvas shoes and white school socks are to be worn. Other types of shoes may be worn only for medical reasons certified by a doctor.

Track shoes may be worn only during CCA and NAPFA. 

All shoes are to be kept clean and ankle socks are not allowed. 

Attire (PE): 

Students are to wear the school PE attire during PE lessons and sports CCA. Students may come to school in their PE attire on days that they have PE lessons. 


Hair should be kept neat and simply styled. Students should not perm, tint or colour their hair.


Girls should wear hair bands or pin up their fringes neatly. Fringes must not cover the eyes.

Shoulder-length hair must be tied up. If hair bands or clips are used, they must be either a simple blue or black band without additional accessories.


Hair-cut must be simple and short. It should be sloped at the sides and back. Hair must not touch the ears, eyebrows or shirt collar.

Boys with inappropriate hair-cuts will be told to cut their hair again. Boys must be neat in appearance and clean-shaven. Facial hair is not allowed.

Compassvalites respect one another.

Students must obey and respect teachers, support staff, parent volunteers, class leaders, prefects and their elders.

Students must be well-behaved and courteous within and outside the school premises.

Proper behaviour in the classroom:

  • be attentive, avoid moving around in the classroom unnecessarily

  • ask for permission to enter or leave the classroom

  • complete all class assignments and hand in work on time

  • bring all the books required for the day

Students must move quietly and in an orderly manner within the school premises. Unsupervised running is not allowed.

Open Defiance/Rudeness:

Students should not wilfully disobey or show disrespect to a person of authority.

All students are not allowed to have in their possession any weapon. They are also not allowed to bring any weapon-like item which is used or intended to be used to cause harm to others.

Mobile Phones:

Students are not allowed to display or switch on their mobile phones during curriculum time. Mobile phones can only be used in the canteen for making necessary calls or sending messages after curriculum hours.

Possession of cigarettes/tobacco products and smoking:

Students are prohibited from possessing or using any cigarettes, tobacco products or smoking paraphernalia.

Possession of pornographic, inappropriate materials:

Students should not bring pornographic, inappropriate materials to school.

Inappropriate touch and indecent exposure:

Students should refrain from inappropriate touching and indecent acts.


Compassvalites are responsible for their actions.


Students should not forge the signatures of others or other documents with the intention to deceive.


Students should not extort, harass or threaten others.


Students should not gamble.


Compassvalites have integrity.


Students should not possess notes or other prohibited items, copy from others or allow others to copy during assessments.


Students do not take things belonging to others without permission.


Students must not leave the school compound during curriculum time, support lessons or CCA. They should stay in school during school hours.

Students must have valid reasons to be absent from school. They will submit their medical certificates/ parents’ letter immediately upon returning to school.

Students absent from CA/ SA must produce medical certificates to be considered absent with valid reasons.

Care & Harmony

Compassvalites are harmonious and caring.


Students should dispose litter in appropriate places.


Students should not set fire to school or public property with the intent to cause damage.


Students should not deface or vandalise school or public property.


Students should not use physical violence.


Students should not engage in bullying (verbal, physical, emotional) or cyberbullying acts. They should report all bullying cases.


Based on documentation and/or evidence from teachers and witness statements by students, the School Disciplinary Committee will decide on the best possible consequence for each offence committed. These consequences may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Informing parents
  • Meeting with parents
  • Counselling
  • Awarding a ‘Fair’ or ‘Poor’ conduct grade
  • Suspension (including from school-based activities or external activities such as Learning Journey, camps etc.)
  • Disciplinary measures such as caning

The full rules and regulations are set out in our students' handbook. Parents are advised to refer to the Student Handbook as the final document.

Attire and Appearance

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