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Science Department Programme

The focus of the department is to promote interest, learning and creativity in science and technology through engaged and enjoyable experiences. Through these engaged and enjoyable learning experiences, every Compassvalites will be able to meaningfully acquire relevant scientific concepts, processes, thinking skills and the desirable values and attitudes for scientific inquiry. The following are the key programmes we have to facilitate engaged and meaningful scientific learning:

Fun with Chemistry

‘Fun with Chemistry’ is an in-house Science introductory programme specially designed for our P1 and P2 pupils in collaboration with an external industrial partner – BASF. Through this programme, pupils are introduced to the wonders of science in their daily life and this generates interest in learning and appreciating Science.


Wetland Splash

‘Wetland Splash’ is an outdoor learning package that uses the nearby Sengkang Floating Wetland as a platform to provide rich learning opportunities for our pupils to learn and experience how nature and man co-exist in an urban setting.

The outdoor learning package spreads itself across the various curriculum including Science, Language Appreciation, Values in Action and National Education. By bringing learning beyond the classroom, our pupils’ passion for learning is enhanced and the diversity of the flora and fauna found in the wetland will increase their appreciation of the environment. Our pupils are also intrinsically motivated to show concern for the environment and contribute to the community by keeping the environment clean and green.



Robotics for Applied Learning

The broad-based robotics programme is designed and implemented to make the learning of Science and Mathematics an engaging and enjoyable experience for our pupils.

Beginning at P3, the pupils learn about the fundamentals of robotic system and to construct and program robots. The interactive, engaging and hands-on learning experiences gradually immerse our pupils into the learning of age-appropriate scientific and mathematical concepts and skills that are applicable in the daily life.

The programme is collaborative in nature for the pupils to work hands-on in teams while learning. This group learning approach in a non-threatening environment also allows our pupils to enhance their confidence and the willingness to take risk in their learning. Robotics adds further dimensions to our pupils’ learning as it injects fun into the learning process as well as enabling them to experience tangible shared results when working collaboratively in teams.

Workshop for Parents

  1. Science Workshop for Parents of P3 and P4 Students
  2. Science Workshop for Parents of P5 and P6 Students

The Science Department conducts workshops for the parents in Semester 1. The workshops are facilitated by our experienced teachers and have received favourable feedback from the parents.



Learning Journeys

  1. Sengkang Floating Wetland
  2. Science Centre Singapore