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Applied Learning Programme (ALP)

Applied Learning Programme (ALP): Developing 21st Century Competencies through Robotics in Mathematics and Science curriculum

Compassvale Primary was recognised for its niche in developing 21st Century Competencies through Robotics in 2013. The school recognizes that robotics can be leveraged to enhance the teaching and learning of Mathematics and Science and provide an important avenue for our students to develop 21CC such as “Information and Communication Skills” and “Critical and Inventive Thinking”. Robotics also serves as an important platform for pupils to acquire Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) skills as they engage actively in self-directed and collaborative learning, to overcome challenges and seek solutions.

The school has designed and implemented a broad-based Robotics Programme to make the learning of Mathematics and Science an enjoyable experience for our students. At P3, all students are taught the fundamentals of robotics system as part of the level-based curriculum programmes to enable them to construct robots, as well as perform simple troubleshooting tasks. Through interactive, engaging and hands-on learning experiences, pupils are gradually immersed into the learning of age-appropriate scientific and mathematical concepts. Robotics instructions are infused into selected topics in Mathematics and Science to enhance students' understanding of the concepts through enabling them to relate to their experiential learning in robotics.

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