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Learning for Life Programme (LLP)

Learning for Life Program (LLP): Developing Aesthetics Appreciation through Music Empowerment

The school’s LLP on “Developing Aesthetics Appreciation through Music Empowerment” aims to equip its students with music appreciation skills and to nurture them to become active participants and informed audiences for the arts.

The Aesthetics Department has designed and implemented a broad-based integrated Music programme to make the learning of aesthetics an enjoyable experience for the students. Through the programme, students develop the ability for creative self-expression through the use of their voices or by playing a range of melodic and rhythmic instruments such as keyboard, percussion, brass and string.

The programme also serves as an important platform for students to hone their social and emotional competencies as they engage in collaborative learning with their peers. Such activities help students to better understand their thoughts, emotions and capability, thereby enabling them to be more confident of themselves.

The music knowledge which students acquire enables them to develop a lifelong love for music and to develop meaningful involvement in aesthetics through CCA platforms such as the Brass Band, Harmonica Ensemble and Dance Groups.