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Art Curriculum
Compassvale Primary School’s Art Curriculum equips students with knowledge and skills to better understand and engage with the world they live in. Through keen observation, mediums exploration and experimentation, students learn to reflect and express their uniqueness by communicating their thoughts and emotions using artistic processes and creations.

Music Curriculum
Compassvale Primary School's Music curriculum aims to develop students' ability for creative expression and communication through music.   Compassvalites are given opportunities to learn simple keyboarding, recorder playing and ukelele playing.  The theory learning helps Compassvalites read music so that instrumental learning can be more meaningful.  Through the learning of the various musical instruments, important values like resilience and responsibility are inculcated.  The curriculum also develops awareness and appreciation of music in local and global cultures.

To develop a passion for the Arts in every Compassvalite through an integrated and holistic aesthetics programme.


Primary 2 students learn the foundation of cartoon drawing and apply the keyhole technique to draw cartoon characters and animals.

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Primary 3 students became art critics for the day. Students are given the platform for self-expression as they evaluate and interpret public sculptures.  


Primary 5 students learn how to bring manga characters to life by adding facial expressions and accessories on them.




Primary 6 students explore the Malay culture of batik painting and learn how to ‘slow down’ and relax while engaging in the process of batik painting.

Instrumental Learning

Students learn to play the keyboard, recorder and ukulele.


Singing And Dancing

Students sing and dance to the song learnt.  They learn to sing with proper technique and express themselves with movements.  At Primary 6, they even learn to beatbox.