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Malay Language

 P1 Reading Programme

The reading programme is a yearly programme aim to help pupils who have difficulty in reading. A reading package is used in this programme to support pupils’ needs in reading skills.

P2 Speech and Drama

Speech and Drama develops confidence, self-esteem, social skills and conversational ability. It also teaches empathy. It provides opportunities for children to experience the world from perspectives outside their own.

image5 (1).png

P1 pupil trying to read from one of the books provided by the reading package.


Our P2 Malay pupils after their speech and drama performance.



MTL Fortnight (P1-P6)  

The MTL fortnight is carried out every year to expose the pupils to a wide range of activities promoting the use of MTL. These activities include cultural games, quizzes, language games, performances and level competitions. The objective of MTL Fortnight is to rekindle pupils’ interest to use MTL. During the MTL Fortnights, a wide-range of MTL activities will be provided to enable pupils to learn and use MTL in an exciting way.

P5 Creative Writing Workshop

The Primary five pupils will attend the creative writing workshop which will be conducted by our teacher. Different strategies and techniques will be taught to the pupils on how to write a good composition.






P6 Comprehension Workshop

The comprehension workshop will be conducted by our own teacher. This workshop aims to guide the pupils on how to answer the comprehension questions correctly. The pupils will be taught with the different strategies to tackle these questions.




Pupils discussing on ideas for their creative writing.


Mdm Sharifah and Mdm Alinda sharing on comprehension answering strategies.