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Physical & Health Education

Sports Carnival

Compassvalites engage in a day of sporting events, station games and skills tests. It is a day of joyful competition and students learn to compete to their best of abilities, think of ways to overcome challenges individually or collaboratively and take turns to lead their teams to victory.

Play @ Will
Students are issued loan cards that can be exchanged for a piece of sports equipment during recess. Students return the equipment at the end of the recess and collect their cards. The loan of equipment encourages students to exercise more through physical play. They have the autonomy to decide on what to play, how they can play and how long they can play.

P5 Camp
All P5 students attend an adventure camp for 3 days and 2 nights. Through exposure to the various outdoor elements, students develop their character and are given numerous opportunities to lead their teams and champion their ideas. They work with each other to solve problems and overcome obstacles, constantly thinking about doing things better and yet still caring for each other. In the camp, every activity is planned such that students will need to demonstrate and practise some if not all of the school core values.

Post PSLE Interclass Games
Primary 6 students pit their skills and tactics against one another during the interclass games that includes sports such as Ultimate Frisbee, Football, Basketball and Captain’s Ball. Teachers join in the fun too in the teachers-students match. Students practise their core values while they compete to their best of abilities. It is also an excellent opportunity for them to unwind after the examinations. Winning classes receive medals for their victories.

Active Youth Recharge Programme
Students who are overweight are invited to enrol in a programme where they get to learn to play exciting sports or engage in physically fun activities and learn more about healthy eating. All the sessions require the students to think positive and be champions of their own health. They are taught how to lead a healthier lifestyle beyond school.