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‘Fun with Science’ is an introductory programme specially designed for our Primary 1 and 2 students in their holistic learning. Through this programme, the students are introduced to the wonders of Science in their daily life by investigating and think about the related scientific concepts. The students also learn to work collaboratively with their peers and the values of respect and responsibility are also being developed during the group based activities.



The aim of ‘Creative Toy-Making’ programme and competition is to promote creative problem-solving among our students. It is primarily carried out at the Primary 3 and 4 levels to let the students’ creativity run and get their hands down to bringing their amazing ideas to life. Through the programme and competition, the students get to lead and engage in exploratory and skilful play with the addition of science learning. The values of integrity and harmony are being developed they experience designing, prototyping and product creation. Some of the shortlisted entries are also submitted for external competitions.

The school's environmental education programme allows our students to explore environmental related issues, engage in decision-making, and take actions to conserve and protect the environment. The Primary 5 and 6 students champion the green habits under the guidance of the teachers and the programme includes green habits practices, interesting assembly sharing and recess activities that are whole-school approach. The values of resilience and care also inculcated in the students as we develop in them a deeper understanding of environmental issues and equip them with the skills to make informed and responsible decisions.