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At Compassvale Primary School, we believe every child can think like a scientist and champion scientific causes. Every child comes to school curious about the world they live in and the daily scientific phenomenon they observe around them. 

The goals of the Science Department are to encourage students to
1. Think like a Scientist 
2. Lead in science discoveries
3. Champion scientific causes

Think like a Scientist

The learning of Science takes place beyond the classrooms where students explore the Ecological Garden, Fern Garden and the Herbs and Spices Gardens. The out-of-the classroom experiences provide students with an opportunity to question what they observe and find ways to derive answers by careful observations using the scientific method. 

Moving the students forward to be critical thinkers and develop the future skills necessary for students to engage in the more complex world, students are encouraged to draw links to what they learn and observe to real-life phenomenon. This is done through the use of the school's Makerspace where elements of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Aesthetics and Maths) are used for students to apply what they learn to authentic scenarios such as forensics and architecture. 

The out-of-the-classroom learning enables students to solving real-life problems, discover and deepen their learning of Science. Hands-on activities and projects are designed to encourage our students to  overcome challenges, to innovate and embark on a journey of knowledge construction. 

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Lead in Science Discoveries

In the science classrooms, teachers adopt an inquiry approach for students to co-construct knowledge with their teachers and peers. 

This creates a sense of ownership among students for their learning. Teachers continue to provide students with authentic experiences where students are able to lead in learning and experience the ‘Eureka’ moment as a science learner. 

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Fun with Science

Our Fun with Science programme designed for P1 and P2 students allows them to have their first-hand experience in Science. Our students are able to identify the application of science in their many daily life experiences making learning meaningful. 

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E2K Science Programme

The E2K Science programme provides students with an opportunity to extend their science learning by practicing Science. Through the E2K Science programme, students demonstrate the school core values while developing effective scientific communication skills and attitudes.

Creative Science Toy Making

Students engage in toy-making to apply what they have learnt in the science classroom with the right scientific attitudes.  
To allow students to unleash their creativity and bring their ideas to life, students go through many phases in the designing of their toys. By doing so, students engage in Design Thinking where productive failure leads to desirable outcomes. 


Champion Scientific Causes

The school's environmental education programme allows our students to explore environmental related issues, engage in decision-making, and take actions to conserve and protect the environment. The Primary 3 to 6 students champion the green habits under the guidance of the teachers and the programme includes green habit practices, assembly sharing and recess activities. The values of resilience and care are inculcated in the students as we develop in them a deeper understanding of environmental issues and equip them with the skills to make informed and responsible decisions.

Championing 4Rs – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Refuse

Our Science Leaders from Primary 3 to 6 champion the school’s recycling efforts and encourage the habit of recycling of daily common items that students would unknowingly throw away. From used paper to drink cartons, our Science Leaders are the subject-matter experts when it comes to which items to recycle and not recycle, and which items to reuse instead of recycling. They influence and impart that knowledge to their peers.  

CVPS students doing their part to recycle used drink cartons 5.jpeg

CVPS students doing their part to recycle used drink cartons 7.jpeg

Championing Water Conservation

In 2020, the school procured and built a rainwater harvester near the canteen with the intent of conserving the use of potable drinking water for cleaning and landscaping purposes such as watering the plants and the school field. The rainwater harvester collects rainwater that falls on our roof and diverts much of that water into a tank that stores that rainwater for use later. In addition, this system models our school’s vision of thinking, leading and championing innovative solutions that care for the environment. Students are able to witness the application of science and other disciplines to form innovative solutions.