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Tamil Language

Lessons come alive and it’s full of fun over at Compassvale Primary School! The P1 & P2 Tamil students went to the Sengkang Sculpture Park situated just beside the school for fun games and activities as part of T@P (Tamil at the Park). The P1 students made their own kites and flew them at the park. The P2 students had a treasure hunt while striking off the lists of things they should spot on their activity fun sheet. The students tried to take conscious efforts to communicate in Tamil with their peers and teachers throughout the session. 

4 Kite 3.jpg4 Kite 1.jpg
Reading Programme - Share A Story

All Tamil students form P1-P6 are engaged in a once weekly Library period in class. Students read Tamil storybooks and are given opportunities to share their favourite stories with their classmates. These story sharing sessions enable students to develop a love for reading Tamil books and build their confidence when they present their stories to their classmates. This boost in confidence could possibly channel itself into the students’ other key learning areas academically and non-academically.



Learning Tamil through craftwork

Learning of Tamil has always been fun at Compassvale Primary. Teachers infuse craft work in their lessons to make the learning of Tamil language interesting.Craftwork is incorporated in Tamil lessons to make learning joyful. Students had hands on session making paper planes. They competed with each other to “fly” their planes. This fun filled interactive activity enabled the students to enhance their oral skills.
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Post Reading Activity

Post reading activities are conducted to further cement the vocabulary used in the reading lessons. Here students are engaged in a discussion with the aid of teacher prepared resources. This group activity facilitates the application of learning in a non-threatening environment.

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P1 students Welcome Activity Card

As they stepped inside their Tamil classroom for their very first Tamil lesson, the P1 students were each given a welcome card. One could see their eyes sparkle with excitement. The card was specially designed for them by the Tamil language Department. In the midst of getting to know their new friends and new environment, the activity warmed up everyone as they settled in quickly. The students coloured the card and pasted a sticker of the school logo. They also completed a simple activity to show how they felt on their first Tamil lesson. We hope when they look at this card again at the end of their 6 years in CVPS, they would have fond memories of their first Tamil language lesson!