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Learning for Life Programme

The Learning for Life Programme (LLP) in Compassvale Primary School seeks to help our Compassvalites gain music appreciation skills through learning to play different musical instruments.  The overall programme will enhance their learning in psychomotor, cognitive and affective domains.  Through active engagement in collaborative learning, they will also acquire social and emotional competencies. They may eventually be active participants in the arts.

The programme provides Compassvalites many opportunities to discover their talents.  At lower primary, the Keyboard programme allows them to learn to read notes and play simple songs on the keyboard.  The Cornet programme gives them an opportunity to play a brass instrument.  The Tambourine Dance programme allows them to dance to the rhythm of a song and, at the same time, learn to handle a tambourine.

At the middle primary, Compassvalites learn to sing with proper posture and correct breathing technique. Then they will learn to dance and sing at the same time.  This is the Show Choir programme that is well-liked by many.  The Orff programme gives them an opportunity to play with glockenspiels and xylophones in an ensemble.

At the upper primary, Compassvalites continue their music journey into beatboxing and music composition.  The Beatboxing programme helps them to discover themselves and make music themselves. The Garageband programme teaches them to compose their music with ICT.